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In this golf lesson golf instructor Steve Bishop discusses some tips on how to hit the driver. He also explains some reasons golfers have a difficult time swinging the driver.

Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

Golf Life Television and interview Michael Bennett, the co-inventor of the popular new swing on the PGA Tour, The Stack and Tilt. Bennett and his partner researched golf swings and body mechanics to arrive at this golf swing philosophy that has been very successful with many PGA tour professionals like Dean Wilson, Mike Wier and Arron Baddeley. Find more golf feature videos online at or

Releasing the Club Head – Golf Swing Lessons, Tips & Instruction, Follow @SwingManGolf & @JaacobBowden, Like

How to Release the Club Head

Golf Swing Lessons, Tips & Instruction – How To Release the Club Head

Learn how to release the club head and how to hit it like a Professional. Releasing the club head correctly is essential to your golf swing. Many people are confused when and how to release the club head. In this video Golf Instructor, Jaacob Bowden will show you tips on how and when to release the club head.

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The Best Golf Swing Drill to Eliminate a Slice!


Created by PGA Professional Brad Patterson, Head Professional/Director of Instruction Foxfire Golf Club, Baldwinsville, NY and Battle Island State Park; 2011 CNY PGA Teacher of the Year; 2011 President's Plaque Award Winner; 2013, 2014, 2013, 2012 Top 50 in the US Growth of the Game Teaching Pros; 2013-2014 Golf Digest Nominated Best Teachers in New York; 2013 PGA Certified – Instruction; 2013 PGA Certified – Player Development (One of only 4 PGA Pros to hold both designations). This drill has a 100% success rate of curing a slice, a fade, a push within a couple of minutes.

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Golf Swing – Hitting Solid Iron Shots and Compressing the Golf Ball


In this video Tim Johnson, PGA Professional talks about the importance hitting down on the golf ball, balance in the golf swing, and how this will lead to solid iron shots.

Tim Johnson is a Certified PGA teaching Professional in Long Beach, CA to see more tips from Tim or to book a golf lesson visit his station on Golf Central Station Http://

Stop Slicing Your Driver

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Golf Instruction – The Proper Golf Grip

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John shows you the proper golf grip. Weather you have a weak or a strong golf grip… John will show you the perfect "correct"golf grip for you golf game. These golf grip tips will help you become the best golfer you can be.

5 Simple Steps to a Great Golf Swing

Golf Life TV features TOP 100 Teacher Gale Peterson with a golf lesson everyone can improve from. Build your golf swing from the ground up with 5 steps.

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