beginner seo

Part of the reason why I started this site was to share information. Information that readers would find valuable and useful. Readers may not find all the information I publish here as pertinent to them because I plan to include content about my life, interests and personal concerns. Topics that may be of zero interest to some.

Due to this reality I wondered how many readers I would receive. There are so many needs, interests and intellects to cater to. After discussing the plans I have for this site and my concern about gaining and then maintaining a loyal group of readers with friends, I received useful suggestions.

Getting the word out

A few people mentioned that besides creating useful content and insightful information, I needed to ensure the content would be discovered. I never considered this. So I inquired further as to how my brilliance(sarcasm) online will be found. It turns out that there is this technique call search engine optimization, or seo for short. My renewal online, after a substantial time away, is a rude awakening. No longer can any hopeful blogger “publish it and they will come”.

Gaining readership means structuring your content according to on-page seo rules. These rules include keywords that ‘drive’ the article or content. After the keywords, which can also be referred to as the topic is decided; the title is next for consideration. The title must include the keywords. An indication to Google search engine spiders about what the content is about.

These initial requirements I understood and felt I could easily follow through on them correctly. But then I read about the potential for over optimization. Another requirement by Google to avoid a blog considered as undesirable and of an untrustworthy nature. I just wanted to write and share. Now seo is a consideration. I am not happy. Quite unhappy. But I’ll plow through it.

Outsourcing is the answer

There has to be another way I thought. And that answer was easy. I would get the help of an seo expert. The choices for potential candidates are many. If you have ever done a search in Google for the term, ‘seo expert for hire’ or ‘seo company’. My second search strategy was at a freelance site called And it was there that I found an seo consultant.

After emails back and forth I hired an seo expert in Toronto of all places. This works great for me due to the exchange rate. I get more bang for the buck. We worked out a deal where he was willing to forgo his usual rate understanding that he will be compensated in US dollars.

Now I am free any seo concerns because I have an seo professional that will check my site on occasion to ensure that all is well on the site. A bit of free advice this consultant gave me was to participate as much as possible on social networks. His recommendation was to create a Facebook profile, as well as Twitter account. If I felt more ambitious, I could go ahead and create a Google plus page as well. The creation if these social network sites provide a couple of benefits. A natural backlink will be created for from these sites and I also get to engage
with potential fans of this site. All is well and things are looking up.

If you need further detail on this or have any question about what seo involves, contact me. I will do my best to answer rudimentary questions or point you in the right direction.
To take a closer look at the guy I hired, J Clayton you can find out more at his toronto seo company social profile. He had one of many because many social profiles expands the reach and brand of a business online. This makes sense of course. The more online ‘assets’ you have , the more the likelihood your message will get to those who will benefit from it. You may also want to read more about his seo expertise for websites. Please let me know what you think. Would you consider hiring him and his seo firm?

Below is a video for all beginners of seo. It is a good video that provides the fundamentals about seo. There is plenty of information to get you started doing seo correctly on your site. Consider watching the video in it’s entirety because it will be well worth your time.